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Rewards & referrals

Unlock your referral link and start earning free $ARKN for each new buyer you refer. Take advantage now, get your referral link, share it, and watch your $ARKN stack up!
1️⃣Purchase around 20USD (1700 $ARKN) or more to unlock the referral system.
2️⃣Earn bonus Token when someone completes a qualifying purchase after using your referral link.
3️⃣Bonus Token are distributed as Airdrop when claiming.

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Our distribution model is designed to maximize value for holders, balancing liquidity, utility, and long-term value. With a focus on sustainable growth, massive Airdrops and community-driven initiatives, we aim to empower investors with a robust ecosystem.

Funds will be reinvested in developing apps and the GemLaunch Suite that is a gamechanger in launching Crypto projects for end-users.

As a special promotion, we will conduct a series of Airdrops, where you can receive exclusive Arkenstone NFTs for free. Simply participate in our community events, engage with our platform, and you could be eligible to receive these limited-edition digital treasures.

Staking – get rewards for holding

Staking $ARKN tokens not only unlocks lucrative staking rewards but also offers the possibility to multiply your earnings. We will be adding additional SOL rewards based on your $ARKN staking amount and time, allowing you to effortlessly grow your cryptocurrency holdings. With each staked $ARKN Token, you’re not just investing in potential gains; you’re paving the way for a future where financial independence is within reach. Seize the opportunity to supercharge your earnings with this tantalizing combination of $ARKN and SOL.

Gemstone Insights

$ARKN Token

Contract Address


0% Tax on Buy and Sell
Mint & Freeze Revoked
Ownership Renounced
2 Audits done

Find us on:

Coming soon on:

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Indulge in the allure of our ARKENSTONE NFTs, meticulously crafted to mesmerize and captivate. With exquisite detail and a promise of exclusivity, these NFTs are sure to ignite desire in collectors and enthusiasts alike.
Act now to secure your piece of this limited collection, as NFTs will be distributed for free to selected contributors of our ICO, adding even more
value to this irresistible opportunity.

Orders above $20: unlock referral system (earn free $ARKN)
Orders above $100: qualify for Airdrops
Orders above $350: FREE GemLaunch Suite access
Orders above $500: +0,5% $ARKN Bonus on launch day!
Orders above $1200: +LIMITED ARKN NFT!

Orders above $2000: +1% $ARKN Bonus on launch day!
Orders above $5000: +2% $ARKN Bonus on launch day!

Orders above $10000: +3% $ARKN Bonus on launch day!

All: ▲ 847.3%


+ $2,473.65



Quarter 🔻

ICO Investment

claimed NFT
+ $649.32

2 month Profit
+ $2,530.86

💎NFT collection💎
Arkenstone is proud to announce the development and upcoming launch of our NFT collection, where you can discover and acquire unique digital assets inspired by the legendary Arkenstone. Our NFTs are crafted with exquisite detail and are sure to captivate collectors and enthusiasts alike. NFTs will be distributed for free to selected contributors of our ICO. 

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Arkenstone Crypto Adventure

How To Buy

Cloud Icon

1 – create wallet

Open the Gate to Arkenstone

Begin your journey into the world of Arkenstone setting up your Solflare or Phantom wallet. Visit their mystical realm where you’ll download Apps or Browser-extensions and forge your wallet. Guard your private key as if it were a dragons treasure – it holds the key to your Arkenstone riches!

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2 – get SOL

Empower your Wallet

Once your Gate to Arkenstone is unlocked, fill its coffers with Solana (SOL) using our built in SOL ATM. Alternatively, channel the power of the Arkenstone and buy SOL directly through your wallet or an exchange. These digital riches are your key to unlocking the realm of Arkenstone.

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3 – Presale

Embrace the $ARKN Presale

Prepare for an epic adventure as you navigate to the Presale Section of this website. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to acquire Arkenstone tokens, available only through this sacred portal. Utilize your SOL (USDT/USDC soon) to secure your tokens and soon stake your claim in the realm of Arkenstone.

Loop Icon

4 – Reap the Rewards

As the Presale concludes, the time has come to claim your $ARKN, your bonus Token and your limited NFT. All the rewards you’ve gathered are now yours to command. Welcome to the noble ranks of the Arkenstone community – where your investments are destined to rise like a phoenix in the crypto sky.

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Token sold 24h: ▲ 847.3%

Average invest

+ $ 773.65


ICO Token sold

Airdrops sent

new Investors
+ 80k

daily invest ammount


ICO Suite for your website

Free for qualifying Presale customers



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1 – Arkenstone Forge

follow socials


  • $ARKN Announcement
  • Token Creation & Audit
  • Launch Communities
  • Smart Contract & Payment Solution Development
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Explore more Use-Cases

2 – Arkenstone Unveiling

10% Bonus + Airdrop


  • Private presale Launch of $ARKN
  • Qualify for Airdrop and 10% Bonus
  • Development of $ARKN Staking
  • Advertisement and Giveaways
  • Influencer Collaborations phase 1

3 – Arkenstone Rising

Price is rising

in Progress

  • Public presale of $ARKN
  • 3,6% Price surge per 24 hours
  • Development of Airdrop Module “GemDropper”
  • Influencer Collaborations phase 2
  • Marketing
  • Development of GemLaunch Suite

4 – Arkenstone Refinement

time to claim


  • $ARKN Launch and Claim
  • Launch of Staking
  • Bonus Token Distribution
  • NFT Distribution
  • $ARKN Listing on DEX
  • finalization of GemLaunch Suite
  • Expanding Team

5 – Arkenstone Enchantment

Binance Time!


  • Increased staking rewards
  • GemDropper Airdrops
  • Coin Gecko and Coin Market Cap Listing
  • CEX Listings 
  • Announce new Use-Cases
  • Release of GemLaunch Suite

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Frequently asked questions

What is the Arkenstone Token?

The Arkenstone Token is a long-term investment having several use cases and is built upon a strong real world application. The Arkenstone Token, traded as $ARKN, is used to power the GemLaunch suite creating demand to buy $ARKN. It represents a gateway to abundance, offering investors a radiant opportunity to increase their wealth.

What is the use of $ARKN Ecosystem?
  1. Currency: Arkenstone token ($ARKN) serves as a digital currency within the ecosystem, enabling transactions and value exchange.
  2. Utility: $ARKN can be used to access and pay for services within the ecosystem, especially our GemStone ICO Suite.
  3. Rewards: Holding $ARKN can entitle users to rewards, such as staking rewards or airdrops.
  4. Development: Token holders will be able to use future apps built on $ARKN and most important, the upcoming GemLaunch Suite, which will make it possible for everyone to start their own crypto projects easily.
  5. Staking: Users will be able to stake $ARKN to earn rewards in return for their contribution.
  6. NFTs: The ecosystem may offer unique NFTs that represent digital assets, collectibles, or in-game items, which can be bought, sold, or traded using $ARKN.
  7. Interoperability: Arkenstone aims to connect with other blockchain networks, allowing for cross-chain transactions and interoperability with different platforms.
  8. Community: The Arkenstone community plays a crucial role in driving engagement, fostering innovation, and creating a supportive environment. It acts as advocates for the ecosystem, spreading awareness and participating in governance decisions.

Overall, Arkenstone aims to create a vibrant and diverse environment where users can engage in various activities, claim unique digital assets, and be rewarded for their participation.

What is the use of the GemLaunch ICO Suite?

The GemLaunch ICO Suite is built on top of $ARKN and will enable everyone to launch their own Solana Token ICO. It will feature an embeddable ICO widget for your website and a powerful and easy to use administration panel.

How can I earn with Staking? Will I earn Solana?

Staking will be possible by either holding or locking your $ARKN. Staking rewards will be based on the amount of Token and time held.
Solana will be distributed via Airdrop to qualifying staking wallets.

$ARKN Token Details?

$ARKN is an SPL token on the Solana blockchain. Contract address and more details here.

How can I buy $ARKN Tokens?

Here you can find our Step-by-Step guide to buy $ARKN Token.

When will be the launch and claim of $ARKN Token?

You will be able to claim your Token once the presale has ended. Full details will be available on our website, socials, newsletter and telegram. Make sure you subscribe and stay tuned.

How will I be able to claim the $ARKN tokens?

Tokens will be available on the website following the token launch via a claim button.

Is the smart contract audited?

Yes, the smart contract is already audited. Full details are available by clicking on Audit.

Help and Support?

Our support team can be contacted at [email protected]

You want to contribute?

Great, make sure to join the community.
We are also expanding our team. If you´re interested to support the us, feel free to send us your proposal and what you would like to do at [email protected]

Have another question? Talk to our team → [email protected]

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Earn Rewards – join community

Explore the rewards section in the GemLaunch Suite to unlock your referral link, earn free bonus tokens or valuable unique NFTs. Take advantage of these opportunities to maximize your benefits and grow your investment.

As a special promotion, we will conduct a series of airdrops. Simply participate in our community events, engage with our platform, and you could be eligible to receive these limited-edition digital treasures.


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